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Team pack.
Team pack allows you and your colleagues to access the same data anytime, anywhere.
The more the merrier.
Working in a team has never been this easy before. To start using the team version you have to go into Settings, tap the Read more button and then Buy this feature from the following screen.
Tap Buy in the popup window and confirm the purchase with your iTunes password if it is needed. The purchase is handled by Apple's iTunes so your password is fully secure.
Team Login.
After your purchase is confirmed tap Exit from the top navigation bar. The Setting screen will be changed to reflect the Team Pack is active. Now you have to tap Team Login details.
Each member of the team must use the same username/password combination. Each team member should use different names to differentiate the clients, projects and tasks.

Team username and team password must be between 6 and 32 characters in length. The member names can be between 1 and 32 characters in length.
What's mine is yours.
After you signed in successfully you have to resync your clients, projects and tasks.
When you are part of a team you see clients, projects and tasks from all your team members. You can see who created each client, project and task by its team name.
You can even pause/resume/finish a task that was started or pause by one of your team members..
In the Team Version you can even see in the action history who did what.
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