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iBillHours for iPhone
Work everywhere. Track every hour. Enjoy every minute.
Discover the pleasure of real mobile project management. It's never been this easy to log the time you allocate to your projects. With iBillHours you'll never miss all those 5 minute conversations or quick email replies. And the beautiful and intuitive interface makes this process fun.
Work everywhere. Log every hour.
It's easy to forget about hours allocated to a project when you're working on-the-go. With iBillHours this iBillHours Logo Small
became impossible. With just a few taps you can add clients, projects and tasks. You can start/pause/resume timers any time and how many times you need.
Log hours even when your phone is off.
iBillHours understands that your battery life is important and doesn't use the iPhone/iPod
Touch for the logging process. All you have to do to log a new task is to open iBillHours, type a few details, save the task and then you can even turn your phone off or use the ipod to listen to your favorite music while you work. The timer will keep going on the server side. You can pause/resume a task countless times and check the intermediate timers.
When the task is finished all the intermediate timers are added up and displayed in your tasks list. All you have to do is to refresh the task list to load the timers from the server.
Track multiple jobs at once.
Because the tracking is done on the server side and not on your iPhone you can manage multiple jobs at the same time.
Sharing and collaboration.
With the additional Team Pack you can share you clients, projects and tasks with up to 50 colleagues. Every team member can update every information. Every member can add new tasks or modify existing ones.
Send invoices straight from your iPhone.
Send beautiful and clean reports to your clients straight from your iPhone. Select the project, select the finished tasks and tap Invoice. In a few seconds your mail app will popup with a ready to be sent invoice. Just fill in your name, last payment date and hit sent.

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